Hello! Welcome to my personal website.


My name is Ting Cao. I come from Jingzhou, Hubei Province, China. Jingzhou, located on the banks of the Yangtze River, is a very famous cultural and historical city. In the Warring States period, this city is the capital of the Chu state.  Since a majority of stories in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (a historical novel) happened there, Jingzhou became extremely well known.


2015年6月,我从北京外国语大学毕业并获得硕士学位,专业是汉语国际教育。现在我在波莫纳学院的Oldenborg Center工作,是一名中文Language Resident。工作的内容主要是教授汉语会话课和基础汉语。同时,我还负责每天中午的 Chinese Table,并定期组织中国文化体验活动。具体的信息您都可以从我的网站上了解到。另外,在休息时间,我喜欢旅行、游泳和打羽毛球。

On June 2015, I graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University with Masters Degree. My major was Teaching Chinese as A Second Language. Now I work as a Chinese Language Resident in Oldenborg Center at Pomona College. I teach two conversation classes and elementary Chinese. I also organize Chinese Table, cultural activities and study breaks for the students. More details are available for you on “Academics” and ”Events”. Besides working, I like travelling, swimming and playing badminton.


It is very nice to meet you! Welcome to my Chinese classes and activities!

For more information, feel free to contact me: Ting.Cao@pomona.edu